About Greater Pittsburgh Raw Feeders

Greater Pittsburgh Raw Feeders is a community of raw feeders based out of Pittsburgh, PA.  We welcome anyone who has an interest in raw food for their dogs, cats or companion animals.

We have networked as a group to find the best suppliers for raw meat for our pets at a reasonable price.  Note that we are a not-for-profit community of raw feeders, and we pool our resources so that we can place bulk orders with preferred vendors.  We typically place orders every 6 weeks for bulk shipments which may include Beef, Chicken, Turkey, Salmon, Tripe and Bones.  Occasionally, we are able to source locally harvested raw meat from hunters which we share.  If you live in the area and wish to place orders with us or be updated of available supplies, please complete the Contact Form below and we will add your name on our mailing list.  Once you have joined our mailing list, you will receive updates on availability of raw food and instructions on how to place orders.

Also note that raw food is not delivered to your home address.  All orders must be picked up at the designated location in the Pittsburgh, PA area on the designated day and time.  No exceptions!  We do not have the facilities to store frozen meat.  The pick-up time and date is determined by the tractor trailer company that delivers the meat. We do not have control over this.

Please be sure to add your name to our mailing list to receive additional information and order instructions.  Your privacy is important to us, and we will not sell or share your contact information with any third parties under any circumstance.

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